Coca-Cola Social Media Engagement

Summary: Coca-Cola was in need of social media engagement for their annual sponsorship of the Z100 Jingle Ball Concerts. It was an initiative of theirs that did not integrate social media in the past. Kimberly’s team saw huge potential, and sold in a successful program that delivered over 25,000% increase on Twitter impressions alone.

Strategy: Taking ownership of the Coca-Cola Holiday Twitter channel during the promotion periods of the Z100 All Access Lounge and Z100 Jingle Ball activations, a content and social media outreach plan was put in place.

The Twitter channel was revitalized to generate a huge amount of consumer engagement, and create an authentic & all-encompassing digital landscape for Coca-Cola fans to engage with holiday activations.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 2.45.34 PM

Her team disseminated engaging on-brand content, with recurring messages to tease and generate excitement for Jingle Ball, Z100 and Coca-Cola event activations. They continuously communicated with fans, celebrities, and Jingle Ball partners, and performed live social content generation at the events.

Live Social Engagement: A Social Currency campaign was put in place: the Share Happiness Matching Game, where fans had to tweet their matches with the #CocaColaHoliday hashtag in order to redeem a prize. This kept attendees engaged and interactive in our goal to share happiness and create connections.

Twitter Results:

# of Total Reach the account generated 662.4K
# of Total Impressions the @CocaColaHoliday account generated – a 25,000% increase over last year! 2.4 Million
# of Total Tweets the @CocaColaHoliday account generated
(both brand channel and consumers)
# of Total impressions the #CocaColaHoliday hashtag generated
(both brand channel and consumers)
# of Total Tweets the #CocaColaHoliday hashtag generated
(both brand channel and consumers)


Visuals from the Campaign

Coca-Cola Jingle Ball Social

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.16.39 PM

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