Metropolis Magazine Web Site Relaunch

Metropolis magazine was in need of a major upgrade to sustain its position as a leader in design & architecture journalism. The web site needed to be on par with what it delivered to its readers and advertisers: best in class timely journalism and coverage on architecture and design.

Kimberly researched and consulted with journalists, business leaders in the industry, clients and marketers at leading design brands in order to capture and deliver upon the needs of the existing audiences, as well as new visitors and clients.

With various rounds of strategy and ideation, a design and UX was determined and put in place as a foundation with which to build the current structure of a vibrant media hub, while housing the magazine’s archives, keeping the integrity of its editorial and advertising solutions, and implementing real-time design news & social media content solutions.

Kimberly managed the full redesign of the Metropolis magazine web site that launched in late 2012. Various elements of the site were optimized in order to increase advertising revenue and circulation – which work hand-in-hand.

The new site enhancements included:

  • Best in class SEO optimizations for increased search results and traffic
  • Social media implementation across the site for increased engagement
  • Featured interactive editorial units for heightened user experience
  • A consistent e-newsletter archive to help drive subscriptions and online readership & traffic
  • Fully integrated online advertising solutions, from digital banners, interactive display units, video,  and product innovation & brand profile pages for manufacturers.
  • Digital edition & mobile app subscription solutions
  • Various new marketing & business solutions for advertisers, manufacturers and design professionals

Metropolis Mag Web 1 Metropolis Mag Web 2 Metropolis Mag Web 3Metropolis Mag Web 4


  • Design integrity and trust of the brand increased exponentially in the first 6 months of launch (via subscriber survey)
  • Web traffic increased 65% in just 3 months due to online promotion of the launch, SEO optimization, keyword development, and increase in online and newsletter subscriptions (Google analytics)
  • Newsletter readership increase by 38% in 2 months (Constant Contact reporting)
  • Online advertising revenue increased by 42% between 2012 and 2013
  • Online and mobile circulation increased by 46% between 2012 and 2013

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