Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co. Social Media

Summary: The Wine Group was in need of social media expertise and execution for their brand, Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co., a collection of wines inspired by Grammy-winning band, Train. Their online channels had gone stagnant in 2014, and with the implementation of a Nation-wide sampling program they looked to Kimberly to reinstate their channels with authentic content that resonated with the audiences of the brand, and the band. Their main goal was to elevate consumer engagement, be authentic and consistent, and raise brand awareness largely in 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.38.37 PM

Strategy: Kimberly conducted a full audit of the brand’s online properties, pulled informed insights and data around the wine industry, craft brewing and other competitive verticals operating in similar online spaces in order to provide a fluid but consistent social media road map for Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co.

Content strategy was developed with the purpose to encourage heightened engagement in the form of consumer comments, conversations and sharing. Content was created, scheduled and monitored across various social properties, with a strong focus on Facebook with both organic and paid content posts.

Content themes were established for specific results for the following areas:

  • Brand content speaking to the wine, its varietals and its pairings
  • Inspirational quotes, and wine humor posts
  • Cross promotion of the band, Train as well as charity partner, Family House
  • The 2015 Storyteller’s Road Trip Campaign
    • The brand’s wine sampling tour followed the concert tour of the band, Train.
    • Online content was created and developed in the form of
      • A kick-off You Tube outreach video to find the “Ultimate Storytellers”
      • Teaser posts as the tour kicked off and hit the road from San Francisco to New York City
      • Road trip-style videos and photography content purposed directly from the storytellers, themselves, driving home the authenticity of the brand message.

Campaign-specific content:

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Social Media results during the 5-month SMSF Road Trip Tour:

  • Over 1.7 Million accounts reached on Facebook
  • Over 23K consumer engagements on Facebook
  • Over 1.8 Million accounts reached on Twitter
  • Over 600K accounts reached across Twitter & Instagram
  • Over 300K videos views across Facebook & You Tube
  • Engagement in 2015 across Facebook increased 250% over 2014, with some months increasing over 500-1,100% month over month
  • The average engagement rate on Twitter was 14% – above industry average

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