Digital Marketing with Authenticity

Before timelines, feeds, tweets, even before a blog was called a blog, Kimberly Taylor was online. Coined a ‘Director of Magic’ by one of her clients in 2009, she has been a digital native throughout her career. With a love for storytelling and fostering authentic audience development, she has built internal teams and cross-functional digital departments for clients and agencies she’s worked for.

With a multi-platform approach, she combines her expertise in traditional and experiential marketing with her vast knowledge of emerging technologies, community building, audience engagement and creative marketing. Her expertise is in leading brand innovation and digital adoption at the growth-stage to help companies take advantage of the full marketing mix that today’s digital world affords us.


She has a seasoned career working with top brands including Metropolis Magazine, Nike, HSBC Bank, Margaritaville, Deluxe Entertainment, Herman Miller, WNBA, Panasonic, Steelcase, Cricket Media, and Coca-Cola.

She continues to work with large and small companies and organizations delivering dynamic strategies resulting in audience acquisition, engagement, and profitability.