Strategy and Authenticity

Kimberly Taylor is a digital native with a love for storytelling and fostering authentic audience experiences and engagement. She has built internal teams and cross-functional digital departments for clients and agencies for two decades. With a multi-platform approach, she combines her expertise in traditional and experiential marketing with her vast knowledge of digital marketing, emerging technologies, audience engagement and creative brand storytelling.

She has a seasoned career working with top brands including Nike, Metropolis Magazine, HSBC Bank, The Shade Store, Margaritaville, Fast Company, Herman Miller, WNET, MGM Studios, Comcast NBCUniversal, Steelcase, Univision, EBSCO, Coca-Cola, and more.

She continues to work with large and small organizations to deliver dynamic strategies resulting in deeper consumer-brand engagement with a 360° approach to connecting brands with people.

She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her creative, movie-obsessed fiancé, Jon and their one-eyed Boston Terrier, Bacon.